Jun 9, 2012

My Braaaaand Neeeeeew Caaaaar!

Ok, so it's really a brand new to me car but still... Everything was kind of whirlwind, so here's the scoop:

My car was a 2002 Saturn SL that was originally my step father's. I bought it in 2006 after I totaled my 2003 Nissan Sentra (which I LOVED). SO I had it for six years and that little car just kept on trucking. Aside from an issue I had with the starter (when I took it in to replace it, first they put the old broken one back on, then they got a faulty one in there, then they clipped a wire... FINALLY the owner of the shop put in a BRAND NEW one and it's been fine ever since...), it's been a great little car. J is on his third car since I bought this one, and it was the car we took on all of our big journeys (so that I could also drive since I still don't know how to drive a stick shift), so it's been to Chicago, Memphis, Kansas City, and Branson. But.

My registration expires in October and to be honest I knew we were getting to a point where within the next couple of years we would be putting more money into her than she was worth. So we knew we'd be replacing her. Which meant another car payment -- not something I was looking forward to, considering we bought J's car last summer so we have 4 years of payments left on it. (We would be more than halfway through a car loan, but since his Sentra was totaled in Colorado last summer, we had to buy another one.)  But that's just what happens, you know?

But then the hail happened and the director of my school's car was deemed a total loss -- even though it was mechanically unharmed. All the damage was cosmetic. So they bought out her loan and she decided to sell the car and use that money, plus the extra money from her insurance check, as a down payment on a new (to her) car. So we got to talking and a few weeks later after I sold my car I bought hers!  Here is a picture of her:

Isn't she gorgeous? I'm excited that one of the "big" things on my 101 in 1001 list is checked off.